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Estimation of China's military aero-engine demand for superalloys in the next 5 years

Cic adviser in the 2018-2022 China high temperature alloy industry investment analysis and prospect forecast report, said in the aerospace field is the main application fields of high temperature alloy, high temperature alloy material is initially applied in aerospace field, after it was gradually applied to electric power industry, automobile industry, petroleum and petrochemical, glass material, and many other industries, among them, In particular, the demand for military industry.

The United States developed super - strength aluminum alloy materials

Researchers at Purdue University in the United States have developed a super strong aluminum alloy material with great potential for industrial applications. Most lightweight aluminum alloys are soft and have low mechanical strength, which predisposes them to a wide range of industrial applications. This high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy is comparable in strength to stainless steel.

China's high temperature alloy industry innovation strategic alliance was established

Recently, "China high temperature alloy industry innovation strategic alliance establishment meeting and the first member meeting" was held in Beijing, Baosteel special steel attended the establishment meeting and was elected as the vice president unit. More than 60 high temperature alloy raw and auxiliary materials suppliers, equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutes, production enterprises, application units, universities and investment companies from China attended the conference.

Summary and latest research progress of new high performance aerospace materials

Countries around the world attach great importance to the development of new materials and have launched a number of strategic policies to promote the development of new materials technology. The new materials industry in developed countries has its own characteristics and focuses on different fields. The United States focuses on research and development in the field of science and technology and maintains a leading position in the world. Japan not only attaches importance to the research and development of new materials, but also improves the performance of existing materials, so as to make the most of its limited resources. The EU New Materials Science and Technology Strategy aims to maintain its competitive advantage in such fields as aerospace materials.
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